If you had magic powers, what kind would they be?

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

A man robs a bank but instead of keeping the money he donates it to an orphanage for children. You know who did the robbery. What do you do?

Choose a magic artifact.

Mythic Color: Reveal Your Hidden Powers
Your Power Color is Green!

Powers of Green

Life, nature, growth, youth, harmony, freshness, healing, money, envy, luck, poison, mold, relaxation, peace, balance, safety, fertility, witch or zombie skin.


Frog, caterpillar, praying mantis, parrot, snake, dinosaur, alligator, eel, turtle, gecko, iguana, chameleon.


Realms: Forest, jungle, gigantic tree of life, grass land, mossy castle, lawns, hills, sea, swamp, parks.
Your Power Color is Yellow!

Powers of Yellow

Happiness, fun, friendship, warmth, sweet or sour foods, caution, light, sun, hunger, stimulation, irritation, cowardice, anxiety, tropical, gold, curiosity, summer.


Canary, jaguar, lion, cheetah, bee, wasp,  yellow lab, toucan, yellow tang, baby chickens, seahorse.


Flowered meadow, wheat field, the sun, golden palace, sulfur spring, yellow brick road, field of sunflowers.
Your Power Color is Orange!

Powers of Orange

Adventure, warmth, fire, fall, instinct, hunger, confidence, risk taking, socializing, over-bearing, activity, change, courage, optimism, extroversion.


Tiger, puma, fox, orangutang, monarch butterfly, coy fish, squirrel, tabby cat, clown fish, starfish, gila monster.


An active volcano, a forest in the fall, a Halloween kingdom, an orange grove, a pumpkin patch.
Your Power Color is Red!

Powers of Red

Fire, blood, courage, energy, war, danger, strength, determination, fruit, berries, ripeness, passion, desire, love, spice, heart, pain, emergency.


Fire ant, dragon, crab, red panda, red macaw, ladybug, robin, tyrannosaurus rex, cardinal, red squirrel.


Desert, mountain covered in berries, Mars, blood river, romantic room for lovers, sky filled with fire.
Your Power Color is Purple!

Powers of Purple

Royalty, sensitivity, luxury, passion, ambition, wealth, extravagance, creativity, dignity, grandeur, devotion, pride, mystery, magic, fantasy, spirituality.


Unicorn, beta fish, octopus, jellyfish, mermaid, violet sabrewing hummingbird, starfish, violet sea snail.


A nebula in space, a secret lilac grove, an underwater mermaid palace, the cave of a twilight dragon.
Your Power Color is Blue!

Powers of Blue

Sky, water, depth, cold, stability, trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, truth, sadness, open spaces, freedom, conservative, predictable, safe, clean.


Blue macaw, peacock, bluejay, jellyfish,  blue bottle fly, dolphin, blue whale, beta fish, steelblue ladybird, morpho butterfly.


Sky, sea, bottom of ocean, inside a giant blue watermelon, Earth, a crystal cave.
Your Power Color is Black!

Powers of Black

Seriousness, the unknown, fear, loneliness, sadness, vastness, space, death, shadow, the underworld, discipline, authority, stealth, the subconscious, elegance, formality.


Panther, crow, raven, bat, black bear, horse, cat, goat, rabbit, beetle, snake, skunk, wolf, black widow, penguin.


Space, a cave, the underworld, a haunted mansion, a classy party, a secret science lab, a graveyard.
Your Power Color is White!

Powers of White

Purity, innocence, light, goodness, heaven, safety, cleanliness, faith, sterility, truth, surrender, humility, sincerity, protection, confession, perfection, forgiveness, sacred.


Wolf, polar bear, rabbit, horse, mouse, dove, albino animals, arctic fox, snow leopard, snow owl, lamb, stork, chicken.


Heaven, tundra, a snow globe, a room made of painters canvas, a giant room with a ball of electricity.

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