Boise Kid’s Fair 2019

Very excited to say that the MyMythos Kids event at Kid’s Fair Boise 2019 was a big success! There were so many things we took away from the event: moments, what worked and what we could improve; it’s hard to sum it up but I’ll try.

MyMythos might have had the most unique booth at the event. Between being the most colorful, the only people dressed up, and handing out magic crystals – we got hand picked to be invited to the next event.

What could use improving:

– Not having a physical book doesn’t help :(.

– Next time we’re going add something interactive that gives an example of how to use “color powers”.

– I’m thinking I should focus on just colors for the first book.

What went great…

People’s enthusiasm for the concept was very refreshing to see. You have to understand I’ve been working on MM (in total) over 10 years, and the book itself for about 2. I’m also not great at posting a lot of updates on my progress so I don’t get a lot of feedback.

Kids adore it. The most memorable thing of all were the kids with the look of pure magic in their eyes. Like they just stumbled through a portal and finally found the magic realm they’ve been looking for.

Being seen as a superhero. Kids and parents were calling me the hero and superhero, Tosha was a princess, and Patrick was magic as well (a magic engineer if you ask him).

We learned a great deal about what attracts people to MyMythos and how we can better develop it to improve those parts of the book and presentation.

As it stands, the first book goes into colors, animals, and elements and is purchasable right now at Since I believe I’d like to change the book to focus on colors only, the content currently in the book will be stripped for subsequent books and I suppose is therefore available for a limited time only.

Thank you to everyone involved and especially the kids who made the whole thing a real experience, not just a tradeshow. The MyMythos team has so many exciting ideas that we simply can’t get them into the world fast enough, so look out for new things in the months to come.