What Is Personal Mythology?

What Is Personal Mythology

Personal mythology is the most colorful, meaningful, and interesting part about you. It’s the reason you are a dog or cat person. It’s your meaning of the color red. It’s the lens through which all your life experiences are colored: your dreams, what you buy, what you believe, who you love.

Personal Mythology Is a Growth Mindset

To engage in Personal Mythology is to adopt a growth mindset focusing on self discovery and improvement. Everyone has a personal mythology, and they aren’t always positive or productive. For instance…

Identity: I am a man.
Personal Mythology: Men don’t cry.

By choosing to engage with your personal mythology, you are choosing to take control of who you are and wish to be. When you pay attention to the meanings and stories behind your life, you unlock the ability to evolve them.

MyMythos Is a Husband & Wife Team

MyMythos is a lifelong dream project started by Sidian Jones and a collaboration with Tosha Jones and professor Stanley Krippner PhD. to give kids and adults an easy way to give attention to their personal mythologies and ultimately to change the way people live, to be more mindful of ourselves and our frame of mind.

Our approach is always evolving and improving and we’d love to hear your feedback, so come join our group for support and free content.